I love to read, I love to write

January 28, 2021 by No Comments

Reading is super essential to me. I found it really fulfilling in my life and very useful. Reading gives me necessary insight as well as crucial life lessons. Reading helps me to learn and educated myself about different cultures and backgrounds. I consider reading as a crucial path to freedom and growth.

The experience I get from reading books is very significant, and I treasure reading as part of my life. Reading is enjoyable and very beneficial to me. Reading to me is an exercise that requires perseverance and consistency since it continually challenges me to achieve more than I did in my last book. My bookshelf is now so full that I’m already parting with the first books. I sell used books and invest the money for new books.

The reason why reading to me is fun.

As a book lover, the experience I get from reading, I find it a rejuvenating activity to do; it helps me renew my energy and boost my moods and spirit. Reading has to help me develop new ideas and strategies that have helped me transform my life. According to my experience, reading has helped me go through a difficult time in my life; it has also helped me unlock parts of myself that I didn’t know to exist. For all reason, reading makes me feel very motivated, optimistic, recharge, and tenaciously alive.

Topics that I love to read.

I love to read about different subjects and topics. I love to explore a different topic: fiction, poetry, philosophy, especially stoic philosophy, spiritual, fitness, science, and technology.

The reason why I love to read about these topics.


I read fiction subject for a lot of reasons. Reading fiction subject has helped me understand more about the theory of mind. It has to help me develop my thinking, I have been able to develop empathy about another subject. Reading fiction books is a form of entertainment to me. I love to read fiction, especially before bed, since it helps to relax by going to a different world. A fiction book helps me open-minded when I am processing information, which has improved my creativity, decision-making, and memory.


I love poetry because I find inspiration from them. Poetry has helped me to build my vocabulary. The poem helps me to relieve stress, by giving me room to escape reality. I give me a better understanding.


Philosophy as a subject has helped a lot, especially in this modern’s society. It has helped to make courageous choices and better decision. It has an insight that changes the way I think about the world and myself. Philosophy has answers to question that matter to me.


I love spiritual books because they give me tips on managing stress and remaining calm in this material world. I am more optimistic now, and sure my mental health is in a better position.


I love fitness because they give me tips on how to stay and maintain good health.

Science and technology.

This topic makes me stay updated all the time. I inquire more about innovation and inventions